TruthAgainst the World

Christians in the 21st century, who want to follow the truth of Jesus Christ, will be in a minority. We must be prepared to face a hostile world as the Apostles did in New Testament times. A humble life of simplicity will lead us closer to Jesus. We can use the example of St Francis to model our expectations and in these pages read the works of his disciple Graham Phillips.

I believe Graham has left a message for those who are willing to hear. It is not an easy challenge, however I hope you will find it rewarding. It will take some time to complete, so be patient as I translate my father’s words from paper to web. Your comments will be gratefully received, although I may not be able to answer them all.

By reproducing Graham’s words here we hope that a mission started in 1950 will continue to benefit future generations. Many of his booklets were designed to be pocket size, so we aim to recreate a compact format for those reading this on the web. Initially we will use slideshows and pdf files to retain the original layout.

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