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First son of six offspring of the late Percy Graham and Patricia Marjorie Phillips.

9 Comments on What happened to Christendom?

  1. Can you confirm that is a safe website? I am only able to spend a short time maintaining this site so it may be of interest.

  2. Can you explain what you mean? I operate this site for those searching for spiritual truth.

  3. Thank you. I have very little time to update at present.

  4. I’m glad my father’s work can be of service. More to come when I can find the time.

  5. This is a basic WordPress free theme. My videos are edited with basic software and various music sources.

  6. My father’s writing is pretty unique. I have not found similar sites yet.
    Please let me know if you are successful!

  7. As I have said already, this site was never meant to be commercial. I would like greater contact but only by those who are seeking truth!

  8. Sorry to be so brief. I have very little time to work on this. So many articles I want to upload.

  9. As a newbie I hope you are still seeking truth. My father spent many years writing about his faith and how he sees the role of a modern Christian. You will probably pick up that he sees it vital to return to the New Testament Apostolic Church principles. He distrusted most organised religion and preferred to imagine small, local groups of believers sharing their faith, more or less in secret. Much like we hear of in China and other non-Christian regimes. This is his idea of ‘Repair’ of a ‘broken’ Church, much like St Francis, trying to escape the Papal authorities 300 years ago.

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